Most of our students did not graduate from top 100 colleges or master’s programs before coming to Techbow.


 After our training session, they are now working for world top companies

 with base salaries over 100k a year.

 Our mission is no giving up and learning is lifelong pursuit.

No matter what skills you have had,

No matter what school you graduated from,

No matter what school performance you have before coming to Techbow,

You will get an extraordinary offer from FLAG companies such as google, amazon, facebook, etc.




We listed offers from our students who has graduated from Techbow. Our students have been working hard and harvested their awards, offers from their dream companies, or even multiple offers from world top technology companies.

We only listed offers since 2017 from top tech companies.


2019.12.23  USC EE X.Z,secure Oracle  offer
2019.12.20  3 years hardware,secure Amazon 社招  offer
2019.12.18  USC CS D.L,secure Twitter/Playstation Intern  offer
2019.12.16  Columbia EE L.X,secure Amazon 社招  offer
2019.12.11  USC CS H.W,secure Amazon 1VO  offer
2019.12.05  USC CS A.H,secure Amazon 3VO  offer
2019.12.02  Northeast CS L.D,secure Amazon 1VO  offer
2019.12.02  5 Years Hardware S.L,secure Google  offer
2019.11.27  Stanford ME W.Y,secure Walmart Lab  offer
2019.11.27  USC CS Q.W,secure Amazon 1VO  offer
2019.11.27  USC CS Q.L,secure Amazon Intern  offer
2019.11.26  Northeast CS H.X,secure Intuit  offer
2019.11.26  5 years gap F.L,secure Expedia/Microsoft  offer
2019.11.25  USC CE L.Y,secure Google  offer
2019.11.25  USC CS J.H,secure Google  offer
2019.11.22  Cornell CS D.Y,secure Yahoo/Oracle  offer
2019.11.22  USC CS X.W,secure Yahoo/Google Residency offer
2019.11.21  3 years Biomedical Q.Q,secure Microsoft Research  offer
2019.11.16  USC EE J.Z,secure Expedia  offer
2019.11.15  USC EE Y.F,secure Google  offer
2019.11.14  Univ of Central Florida EE B.Y,secure Atlassian  offer
2019.11.14  USC Chemical Eng Y.L,secure Amazon 社招  offer
2019.11.14  USC Financial Eng Y.Q,secure Microsoft/Amazon 社招  offer
2019.11.06  Northeast Univ Info S.W,secure Amazon 1VO offer
2019.11.06  Univ of Texas Austin ME Y.H,secure Oracle  offer
2019.11.05  UC Berkeley Statistics Y.Z,secure Microsoft / Amazon 社招  offer
2019.10.31  USC CS,secure Playstation/Linkedin Intern  offer
2019.10.30  Univ of Wisconsin Madison CS Y.W,secure Amazon 社招  offer
2019.10.29  Univ of Florida Urban Plan W.Z,secure Amazon 社招  offer
2019.10.28  UCSB ECE PHD Z.F,secure Apple / Startup(180k base) offer
2019.10.28  UC Santa Cruz EE X.H,secure Microsoft offer
2019.10.25  USC CS Z.Z,secure Google Intern offer
2019.10.25  Univ of Delaware ECE N.L,secure Amazon 社招 offer
2019.10.25  USC CS M.L,secure Amazon 社招 offer
2019.10.25  USC EE L.C,secure Amazon 社招 offer
2019.10.23  GWU CS K.H,secure Amazon 1VO offer
2019.10.23  Univ of Maine CE Y.M,secure Linkedin offer
2019.10.18   USC CS J.X,secure LinkedIn/IBM/Playstation/Goldman Sachs Intern offer
2019.10.18   USC EE B.T,secure Amazon 1VO offer
2019.10.16   GWU CS J.H,secure Amazon 1VO offer
2019.10.15   Cornell ECE X.B,secure Amazon 3VO offer
2019.10.11    USC  EE Y.F,secure Amazon 1VO offer
2019.10.11    USC CE J.L,secure Amazon 1VO offer
2019.10.04  5 years hardware S.L,secure Yahoo offer
2019.10.04  UTSA PHD, A.Z,secure Amazon SDE2 180k base offer
2019.10.03  Univ of Northeast Info System J.J,secure Amazon 1VO offer
2019.09.27  USC EE J.YS,secure Amazon 社招 offer
2019.09.27  USC EE L.Y,secure Amazon 社招 offer
2019.09.24  Univ of Calgary Supply Chain, Q.G,secure Amazon 社招 offer
2019.09.24  No US Degree, Physics H.K,secure Amazon 社招 offer
2019.09.17  Univ of Maine CE Y.M,secure Microsoft offer
2019.09.17  Univ of Texas at San Antonio CS PHD, Y.Z,secure Microsoft offer
2019.09.16  USC CS J.H,secure Amazon 社招 offer
2019.09.12  Univ of Florida Info System S.Z,secure Amazon 社招 offer
2019.09.10  5 years hardware S.L,secure Microsoft offer
2019.09.09  2 year data Z.Y,secure Microsoft offer
2019.08.28  UCLA ME  W.Y,secure Amazon 社招 offer
2019.08.27  UCLA ECE J.H,secure Amazon 社招 offer
2019.08.27  JHU ECE L.L,secure Amazon 社招 offer
2019.08.27  5+ years hardware J.Y,secure Amazon Microsoft offer
2019.08.22  2+ years experience R.H,secure Google offer
2019.08.14  USC CS L.X,secure Amazon offer
2019.08.09  USC CS Z.W,secure Amazon offer
2019.08.03  Univ of Wisconsin-Madison CS S.L,secure Splunk Amazon offer
2019.08.02  JHU Applied Math Y.S,secure Amazon offer
2019.07.26  Oregon State Univ CS Z.C,secure Amazon offer
2019.07.23  GWU CS Y.J,secure Amazon offer
2019.07.17  USC EE Y.W,secure Amazon offer
2019.07.17  SJSU EE T.Y,secure Amazon offer
2019.07.17  UPenn Electrical and System Engineering D.W,secure Visa offer
2019.07.17  Case Western Reserve Univ, Operation Research H.X,secure Ebay offer
2019.07.12  USC CS S.X,secure Amazon offer
2019.07.12  UCLA Material Science W.S,secure Microsoft Amazon offer
2019.07.01  Cornell ECE X.B,secure yelp offer
2019.06.18  NYU CS J.Z,secure Amazon offer
2019.06.17  USC EE H.Z,secure Yahoo Amazon Ebay offer
2019.06.14  UC Davis Horticulture & statistic Z.Y,secure Visa Ebay offer
2019.06.13  Oregon State Univ, Mechanical Engineering, J.B,secure Microsoft offer
2019.06.12  Washington State Univ, Material Science and Applied Math S.L,secure Microsoft Amazon offer
2019.06.04  Augsburg Univ, CS X.Z,secure Amazon SAP offer
2019.05.29  USC CS N.L,secure IPSY Ebay offer
2019.05.29  USC EE X.J,secure Amazon VO offer
2019.05.21  Oregon State Univ, Mechanical Engineering J.B,secure Microsoft offer
2019.05.14  2 years experience Y.L,secure Microsoft offer
2019.05.14  Bentley Univ Information Technology D.D,secure Expedia offer
2019.05.13  NPU MAB S.T,secure SAP offer
2019.05.13  USC EE Z.H,secure Microsoft offer
2019.05.08  7 years hardware Y.H,secure Microsoft offer
2019.05.06  2 years experience X.W,secure Amazon SDE2 offer
2019.05.06  Arizona State Univ X.W,secure Yahoo Amazon offer
2019.05.06  Univ of Delaware CE Y.J,secure Amazon offer
2019.05.03  3 years hardware T.Z,secure Amazon SDE2 offer
2019.05.02  Oregon State ECE Z.Y,secure WalmartLab offer
2019.05.01  USC EE C.C,secure Amazon VO offer
2019.04.23  Cal Poly Pomona CS D.Y,secure Amazon VO offer
2019.04.16  USC EE R.Z,secure Amazon offer
2019.04.15  UCI CS Q.L,secure Uber offer
2019.04.11  Univ of Florida CE Y.Z,secure WalmartLab offer
2019.04.11  New York Univ ECE D.L,secure Amazon offer
2019.04.11  Univ of Wisconsin Urban Planning S.Z,secure Microsoft Amazon offer
2019.04.11  Univ of Florida J.F,secure Microsoft offer
2019.04.10  USC CS G.G,secure Amazon offer
2019.04.10  Fordham Univ CS W.Y,secure Amazon offer
2019.04.04  Golden Gate Univ Finance Y.L,secure Amazon Intern offer
2019.04.01  USC EE B.Z,secure Amazon VO offer
2019.04.01  USC EE J.Y,secure Amazon VO offer
2019.03.27  USC EE S.Z,secure Amazon VO offer
2019.03.27  UCSD CS L.T,secure Amazon offer
2019.03.18  Univ of Delaware CS J.L, secure Amazon offer
2019.03.15  1.5 years experience R.L,secure Facebook offer
2019.03.12 UCI CS Q.L,secure Amazon offer
2019.03.12 Stevens Institute CS Z.L,secure Ebay Microsoft offer
2019.03.11  SJSU Material Engineering B.Y,secure Microsoft offer
2019.03.10 5 years hardware L.W,secure Microsoft offer
2019.03.08 Cornell ECE X.B,secure Visa and Amazon Intern offer
2019.03.07 USC EE Y.Q,secure Microsoft, Amazon, Amazon Music offer
2019.03.01 USC CE Y.L,secure Amazon Intern offer
2019.02.27 Univ of Florida CE Y.Z,secure Google offer
2019.02.27 UPenn Applied Math B.J,secure Amazon offer
2019.02.26 Univ of Florida CS J.F,secure Amazon University, and Amazon offer
2019.02.16 USC CS X.F,secure Google offer
2019.02.16 5 years non-cs-related startup L.L,secure Hitachi offer
2019.02.14 2 Years hardware H.C,secure Microsoft offer
2019.02.14 Univ of Utah Robotics K.H,secure OMRON offer
2019.02.14 SJSU Material Engineering B.Y,secure Ebay offer
2019.02.14 Univ of Florida ECE D.Q,secure Amazon offer
2019.01.26 USC CS J.Z,secure Amazon offer
2019.01.25 Boston Univ Remote Sensing & Geospatial Science Y.Z,secure Google offer
2019.01.11  2 Years Gap Y.L,secure Amazon offer
2019.01.02 2 Years experience Z.S,secure Amazon offer
2019.01.02 2 Years experience H.A,secure Microsoft offer
2018.12.21 Tulane University GIS Q.L,secure Uber Linkedin offer
2018.12.21 JHU ECE X.G,secure VMware offer
2018.12.20 Wisconsin Madison CS Y.H,secure WalmartLab offer
2018.12.17 3 Years hardware J.K,secure Google Linkedin offer
2018.12.11    Univ of Delaware CS M.Y,secure Google offer
2018.12.04   Northeast Univ EE Y.L,secure Amazon offer
2018.12.04   USC CS J.T,secure Amazon offer
2018.12.03   3 Years hardware R.C,secure Amazon offer
2018.11.30   USC EE J.W,secure 2Yahoo,1Amazon,1Microsoft,1Adobe,1Ebay offer
2018.11.26   Victoria,secure Google Intern offer
2018.11.21   Tulane University GIS Q.L,secure Amazon offer
2018.11.19   3 Years hardware R.C,secure Google offer
2018.11.15   ITU SE D.Q,secure Microsoft offer
2018.11.12   UC Santa Cruz T.W,secure Amazon Paypal offer
2018.11.09   2 Years mechanical Engineer Y.L,secure Google offer
2018.11.07   2 Years hardware Z.Y,secure Google offer
2018.11.02   UC Santa Cruz ECE,secure Amazon offer
2018.11.01   JHU ECE Y.W,secure Google offer
2018.10.29   JHU Health Science D.C,secure Expedia offer
2018.10.23   Univ of Delaware CS M.Y,secure Facebook offer
2018.10.22   Boston Univ CE, M.Y secure Amazon  offer
2018.10.19    USC BME, B.C secure Amazon  offer
2018.10.17    San Diego State GIS, H.Z secure Amazon/Ebay  offer
2018.10.16    UC Santa Cruz, Y.L secure Yahoo  offer
2018.10.15    No US Degree 7 years GAP, M.C secure Microsoft  offer
2018.10.15     Univ of Delaware CE, W.L secure Yahoo  offer
2018.10.12     3 years experience, M.L secure Google  offer
2018.10.11     USC EE, Y.Y secure Linkedin  offer
2018.10.09    4 years Gap, F.Z secure Groupon  offer
2018.10.09    Oregon State EE, X.S secure Microsoft  offer
2018.10.08   UCI CS, F.H secure Yahoo offer
2018.10.08    UC Santa Cruz, EE, S.C secure Yahoo/Facebook  offer
2018.09.26    USC EE, D.P secure Microsoft  offer
2018.09.26    USC CS, Y.P secure Cisco  offer
2018.09.26    UCLA EE, Z.R secure Facebook/Microsoft  offer
2018.09.24    JHU ECE, Y.W secure Amazon  offer
2018.09.21    Purdue EE, Z.D secure Amazon  offer
2018.09.18    UCI CS, F.H secure Amazon/Microsoft  offer
2018.09.17    UC Santa Cruz, EE, S.C secure Amazon  offer
2018.09.17    UCI CS, H.Z secure Google/Amazon  offer
2018.08.30   TAMU Industrial Eng, Y.D secure Microsoft  offer
2018.08.29    JHU ECE, Y.D secure Facebook  offer
2018.08.29    Univ of Alabama School of Medicine, W.Y secure Linkedin  offer
2018.08.20    Sofia Univ CS, Q.D secure SAP  offer
2018.08.17    3 years working experience, S.Z secure Google  offer
2018.08.16    UC Santa Cruz EE, Y.W secure Amazon  offer
2018.08.16    San Jose State EE, S.C secure Amazon  offer
2018.08.16    TAMU Industrial Eng, Y.D secure Amazon  offer
2018.08.15    3 years working experience, S.Z secure Facebook  offer
2018.08.15    5 years working experience, Z.L secure Microsoft  offer
2018.08.13    JHU ECE, Y.D secure Paypal  offer
2018.08.09   UCLA EE, Z.R secure Paypal  offer
2018.08.06    Univ of Arizona ECE, Y.D secure Amazon  offer
2018.08.06    UC Santa Cruz, EE, J.P secure Amazon  offer
2018.08.02    NPU CS, C.H secure Amazon  offer
2018.07.27    Case Western Reserve Univ, Supply Chain, Z.L secure Google offer
2018.07.24    TAMU Industrial Eng, Y.L, J.J secure Yahoo offer
2018.07.20    Univ of Delaware CS, Y.G secure Microsoft  offer
2018.07.20    GWU CS, J.J secure Microsoft  offer
2018.07.17    2 years working experience, X.L secure Google  offer
2018.07.17    7 years working experience, F.H secure GE  offer
2018.07.10    3 years working experience, S.Z secure Microsoft offer
2018.06.29    Univ of Florida, H.J secure Amazon  offer
2018.06.28    Stanford Univ Civil and Environmental, Z.S secure Google offer
2018.06.26    TAMU Industrial Eng, Y.L secure Microsoft offer
2018.06.15    5 years working experience, Z.L secure Amazon  offer
2018.06.15    Northeast Univ ME, H.Y secure Yahoo  offer
2018.06.13    Medical college Marketing,No degree from US,2 years Gap Y.G secure Google  offer
2018.06.11    4 years hardware experience F.S secure facebook  offer
2018.06.06    Stanford Univ Civil and Environmental, Z.S secure Twitter  offer
2018.05.30    1 years working experience, F.C secure Microsoft  offer
2018.05.29    Univ of Pittsburgh, CS, S.X secure Microsoft  offer
2018.05.25    Northeast Univ ME, H.Y secure Amazon  offer
2018.05.24    Univ of Florida ME, Y.L secure Microsoft  offer
2018.05.24    Arizona State Univ, Z.X secure Microsoft  offer
2018.05.22    ITU CS, Y.Z secure Microsoft  offer
2018.05.22    Univ of Arizona Civil Engineering, Z.L secure Google/Amazon  offer
2018.05.18    Arizona State Univ, Z.X secure Paypal  offer
2018.05.07    Univ of Arizona Civil Engineering, Z.L secure Adobe  offer
2018.05.04    JHU ECE B.C secure Microsoft offer
2018.04.30    Purdue Univ, Y.W secure Google  offer
2018.04.24    2 years hardware experience H.Z secure Amazon  offer
2018.04.24    UC Santa Barbara,ECE J.L secure Microsoft  offer
2018.04.19    4 years hardware experience F.S secure Microsoft  offer
2018.04.16    5 years hardware experience J.G secure Amazon  offer
2018.04.06    UC Santa Barbara,ECE J.L secure Paypal  offer
2018.03.28    JHU ECE H.L secure Tesla offer
2018.03.26    Medical college Marketing,No degree from US,2 years Gap Y.G secure Microsoft  offer
2018.03.22    ITU,CS M.Z secure Yahoo  offer
2018.03.21    MTU,ME Y.L secure Microsoft  offer
2018.03.13    USC,EE Z.G secure Amazon  offer
2018.03.12    JHU,ECE Y.D secure Microsoft  offer,new grad 200K pacakge
2018.03.08   UCLA EE L.L secure Google  offer
2018.03.07    N.S secure Google offer
2018.03.07    UCI CS Q.S secure Startup offer
2018.03.06    Columbia University OR two years Gap Y.X secure Google offer
2018.03.05   NYU CS G.X secure Goldman Sachs offer
2018.03.02   UC Santa Barbara,GIS Y.J secure Facebook offer
2018.03.01    Santa Clara University IS J.S secure Google/Amazon offer
2018.02.26   Univ of Florida,Info System Q.S secure Microsoft  offer
2018.02.23   Boston Univ,CE Y.X secure Google  offer
2018.02.22   Univ of Wisconsin-Milwaukee,ITM J.Z secure Microsoft  offer
2018.02.19    George Washington Univ,CS J.J secure Linkedin  offer
2018.02.15    ITU, CS Y.Z secure Google Intern  offer
2018.02.14    ITU, CS M.Z secure WalmartLab  offer
2018.02.09   MTU,ME Y.L secure Ebay  offer
2018.02.07   USC,Finance L.L secure Google  offer
2018.02.06   JHU,ECE Y.D secure Ebay offer
2018.01.29   Univ of Central Florida,CS W.D secure Microsoft offer
2018.01.23  UC Santa Barbara,GIS Y.J secure Amazon  offer
2018.01.05  UC Santa Barbara,GIS Y.J secure DuPont  offer
2017.12.13    Cornell Univ,System Engineering W.W secure Google  offer
2017.12.12    UCLA EE L.L secure Ebay  offer
2017.12.12    IIT,CS R.L secure Microsoft offer
2017.12.01    MTU,ME Y.L secure GE  offer
2017.11.21    Univ of Missouri,CS B.Z secure Microsoft offer
2017.11.16    No degree from US,4 years Gap X.Z secure Linkedin offer
2017.11.16    UCSD CS J.Y secure Google offer
2017.11.09    JHU ECE H.L secure LinkedIn offer
2017.11.09    UC Davis CS two and half years Gap P.G secure IBM offer
2017.10.27    2 years experience Material PHD W.H secure Linkedin/Uber offer 180K base
2017.10.27    UCSD CS J.Y secure Ebay offer
2017.10.25    Washington Univ St. Louis Architecture M.D secure Amazon offer
2017.10.13    No degree from US,4 years Gap M.W secure Microsoft SDE2 offer
2017.10.04    Washington Univ St. Louis Architecture M.D secure Microsoft offer
2017.10.02    CMU eBiz T.Y secure Amazon offer
2017.09.28   TAMU CS Y.H secure Paypal offer
2017.09.26   Northwestern Polytechnic University CS Y.C secure Amazon offer
2017.09.22   Northwestern Polytechnic University CS J.W secure 100K Base offer
2017.09.20   UCB Chemistry G.L secure 112K Base offer
2017.09.15    Santa Clara University IS J.S secure Facebook offer
2017.08.31    CMU eBiz T.Y secure Suning offer
2017.08.23   D.S secure Microsoft offer
2017.08.21   USC VLSI B.P secure Microsoft / Amazon offer
2017.08.19   UCSD CS Y.Z secure Workday offer
2017.07.08   Concordia University Y.L secure SAP offer
2017.06.07   Washington Univ Biomedical Z.X secure Amazon  offer
2017.05.26   UC Santa Barbara Statistics C.C secure Microsoft  offer
2017.05.22   Washington Univ EE M.L secure Microsoft  offer
2017.05.05   Michigan Univ Chemical Y.H secure Amazon Lab126  offer
2017.05.01   Michigan Tech Univ CE Q.Z secure Amazon  offer
2017.04.24   New Mexico Univ CS C.Z secure Amazon  offer
2017.04.07   Penn State Univ CE Y.W secure Yelp  offer
2017.04.05   Purdue EE VLSI C.L secure Amazon Lab126  offer
2017.03.20   NYU CS L.J secure Facebook  offer (1 year experience)
2017.03.15    USC EE VLSI H.L secure Microsoft  offer
2017.03.01   TAMU Industrial Engineering Y.B secure Amazon  offer
2017.02.28   Univ of Minnesota CS Y.L secure Amazon  offer
2017.02.20   R.K secure FICO  offer
2017.02.18   USC Financial Engineering Z.Z secure Microsoft offer
2017.02.15   Univ of Michigan EE H.Z secure Intel offer(hardware)
2017.02.13   USC CS Q.L secure Amazon offer
2017.02.13   USC EE VLSI D.Z secure Amazon offer
2017.02.07  USC CS N.W secure Pocket Gems offer
2017.02.03  Florida Institute of Technology CS T.C secure Amazon A9 offer
2017.02.01  University of Florida Coastal and Oceanographic K.W secure CVS offer
2017.01.20  University of Florida CS F.C secure Amazon offer
2017.01.19  Florida Institute of Technology CS T.C secure Amazon offer
2016.12.29 Univ of Pittsburgh IS X.L secure Amazon offer
2016.12.29  UCSD CE Y.G secure Ebay offer
2016.12.21  USC CS R.Y secure Amazon Intern offer
2016.12.15  NYU CS G.X secure Hitachi offer
2016.12.02 UC Davis ECE S.S secure Amazon offer
2016.11.22 NYU CS G.X secure Linkedin offer
2016.11.18  SJSU EE B.P secure Amazon offer
2016.11.10 UT Dallas ITM L.C secure Amazon offer
2016.11.10 UCLA EE Q.S secure Ticketmaster offer
2016.11.09 SJSU EE J.W secure BroadVision offer
2016.11.09 No degree from US G.L secure Umpire offer
2016.11.03 Univ of Pittsburgh IS X.L secure IBM offer
2016.10.25 USC BME X.W secure Intuitoffer
2016.10.21 C.T secure Rakuten / WalmartLaboffer
2016.10.20 USC CS Y.X secure Yahoooffer
2016.10.09 Startup M secure Googleoffer

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