Job Description :

We are looking for an General Manager. This person will be responsible for our part-time instructors and courses with a focus on hiring, training, coaching, and day-to-day management. The Manager is a crucial role - this person is responsible for managing and coaching our best-in-class practitioners from a variety of fields including data science, software development and design. Proper onboarding and training of instructors is crucial. Most importantly, the instructor manager must always remember that our instructors are changing lives in the classroom each day: this is both  an exciting and difficult challenge. Thus, being an empathetic leader is key to the success of this role.


Oversee courses (6+ at any given time) including instructional quality, student orientation, student experience, and successful completion

Managing part-time course instructors including hiring, onboarding, training, and coaching

Conduct regular evaluations of instructional quality for each part-time course

Facilitate successful completion of all online and in-person instructor training for new instructors

Manage professional behavior, retention and ongoing professional development and growth of each instructional positions

Be the second line of defense for student learning issues; be responsible for mediating conflict and defusing challenging situations in a positive, empathetic and professional manner

Work with instructors to strategize solutions for students who have unique learning needs, including the creation of student support plans or IEPs.

Monitor and manage course quality and progress by regularly reviewing exit tickets and student surveys; formulate action plans based on data

Participate in globals meetings with instructional counterparts across markets


Skills and Qualifications:

Proficient in instructional best practices such as lesson planning, differentiation, assessments, student data analysis, and the creation of strong classroom climates

Able to confidently give constructive, positive feedback to people of diverse professional and personal backgrounds.

Highly organized and able to help manage observation, videos, and other performance documentation.

A “growth mindset” attitude towards teaching as a craft

High emotional intelligence; an ability  to empathize with others

Prior experience managing multiple people or teams

Familiarity with or subject matter expertise in one or more of the disciplines we teach

Working experience in top tech company is a plus



Competitive salary

Flexible work hours


To apply this job, please send your resume and cover letter to with subject "Manager"


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