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New students enrollment start from 09/15/2018.
Latest offers of our students:

2019.08.27  5+ years hardware J.Y,secure Amazon Microsoft offer
2019.08.22  2+ years experience R.H,secure Google offer
2019.08.14  USC CS L.X,secure Amazon offer
2019.08.09  USC CS Z.W,secure Amazon offer
2019.08.03  Univ of Wisconsin-Madison CS S.L,secure Splunk Amazon offer
2019.08.02  JHU Applied Math Y.S,secure Amazon offer
2019.07.26  Oregon State Univ CS Z.C,secure Amazon offer
2019.07.23  GWU CS Y.J,secure Amazon offer
2019.07.17  USC EE Y.W,secure Amazon offer
2019.07.17  SJSU EE T.Y,secure Amazon offer
2019.07.17  UPenn Electrical and System Engineering D.W,secure Visa offer
2019.07.17  Case Western Reserve Univ, Operation Research H.X,secure Ebay offer

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After graduation,GO HOME? OR GO TO WORK!

Never give up

While(true) { if (getOffer) break; }

No matter where you are, what you do, come and study, we have a dream!

No matter university, major, gpa, background, the output is the same, FLAG offers!

Where our students go, dream company

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Free trial & Test

Register after passing our coding test

For those students interested on our program, please attend our one week free trial classes and then finish the test and questionnaire. The purpose is to let us know students's background and potential better. Based on the result of test and questionnaire, we would give admission and conclude an individual learning plan for each student. 

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Intensive Training Sessions

7:00pm ~ 10:00pm Mon - Fri  9:00am ~ 10:00pm Sat Sun

Based on our successful cases, the time to getting an offer ranges from 1 to 12 months. the average time to get an offer is 5 months. Comparatively speaking, students who attended on site classes are 1 or 2 month faster to secure an offer than those attended online remote classes.

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interview and negotiate offer

OA, Phone Screen, ONSITE, Negotiation, Onboard

we are here to help you in any phase during interview: OA Phone Screen, Onsite, Offer negotiation, onboard progress. Tuition fee should be paid in full within 6 months after you get offer. You offer package may include base salary, signon bonus, RSU stock, Relocation fee, Insurance, 401k match.

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About Techbow

We are a silicon valley based career training and consulting organization. We offer on site and online remote courses to students who is seeking a software engineering job. Our goal is to help students equipped with the top notch skills and competitive in high tech industry.

We have been providing professional training service since 2013. For the past 5 years, we help several thousands students job ready and secure offers in the competitive job market.

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Telephone:+1 800 666 8119
Wechat: techbowllc (preferred)

Silicon Valley Office:
4701 Patrick Henry Dr
Santa Clara CA 95054

Los Angeles Office:
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