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New students enrollment start from 09/15/2018.
Latest offers of our students:

2018.03.22 International Technological University Computer Science Yahoo M.Z
2018.03.21 Michigan Technological University Mechanical Engineering Microsoft Y.L
2018.03.13 University of Southern California Electrical Engineering Amazon Z.G
2018.03.12 Johns Hopkins University Electrical Engineering Microsoft (new graduate 200k package offer) Y.D
2018.03.08 Universit of California, Los Angeles Electrical Engineering Google L.L
2018.03.06 Columbia University Electrical Engineering Google Y.X
2018.03.02 University of California, Santa Barbara GIS Facebook Y.J
2018.03.01 Santa Clara University Information System Google and Amazon J.S
2018.02.26 University of Florida Information System Microsoft Q.S
2018.02.23 Boston University Compute Engineering Google Y.X
2018.02.07 University of Southern California Finance Google L.L

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No matter where you are, what you do, come and study, we have a dream!

No matter university, major, gpa, background, the output is the same, FLAG offers!

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For those potential students, please attend our one week free trial classes. The purpose is for a better mutual understanding of teachers and students. Based on the achievement test resultes, we would give each student individual learning plans. 

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Based on our data, the time to getting an offer ranging from 1 to 12 months while attending our training sessions. Comparatively speaking, students who attended on site classes are 1 or 2 month faster than those attended online remote classes. 

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希望我们能贯穿找工作的每一个步骤和过程,学费有offer后6个月内付清,因为学费是跟offer挂钩的,所以希望学生有offer之后一定着我们帮助谈offer,一般情况下base涨几千甚至上万很可能,而signon relocation要根据学生面试其其他情况确定,10K~100K不等






About Techbow

We are a silicon valley based career training and consulting organization. We offer on site and online remote courses to students who has a pursuit in software engineering career. Our goal is to help students be equipped the top notch skills to be competitive in high tech industry.

We were established since 2013. For the past 5 years, we devoted ourselves in helping our students be prepared for today’s competitive job market.

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